Training young people in the art of EduTainment

We love the Young Folk!

Learn about colonial life from a child's or teen's perspective as our interns tell their stories, participate in event activities, and simply bring the added dimension of youth to any event or gathering.  Please remember that these young people are still learning, and the streets of our fair city of Portsmouth are their training ground.  If you are patient and kind with them, they will not disappoint you. 

Meet Our Interns

Ebenezer Thompson


Ten year old Ebenezer Thompson worked at Norfolk Naval Shipyard providing drinking water to the men working on Dry Dock Number One..

Bobbing for Apples


Ebenezer and John show children at St. John's Festival how to bob for apples, a common activity at colonial get-togethers.

John Thompson Hill


Father of the Hill Brothers, young John Thompson Hill writes poetry to the girl next door and will one day become editor of Portsmouth TImes.

Colonial Teens: The Young Adults of Their Day

Elizabeth Conner


Daughter of Abigail Crawford Conner, Elizabeth shares fond memories of her beloved uncle, the Colonel, founder of Portsmouth.

Becoming an Intern


With our pilot program a success, Mary Veale and the Colonials will be looking for more  interns after the first of the year.  Contact Us below.

John Hunter


Only sixteen years of age, John Hunter finds himself enlisted as a lieutenant in the Queen's Rangers at the insistence of Lord Dunmore.

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